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EDGNEX Data Centres By DAMAC is a Dubai-based digital infrastructure Data Centre Design, Build and Operator. Established by the Dubai-based DAMAC Group, EDGNEX Data Centres By DAMAC is a multi-tenant data centre provider supporting hyperscale wholesale and retail colocation across the Middle East and beyond. We are building world-class data centres to meet today’s needs of high density and to support new technologies as they evolve, including Artificial Intelligence. As we expand beyond the Middle East, our footprint will grow to support our customers’ needs and future demands. Our journey is defined by innovation, sustainability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The EDGNEX management team has been assembled from within the industry and is best positioned to deliver on best practices wherever you wish to host your data.

Global expertise, invaluable experience

At EDGNEX Data Centres by DAMAC, we have the know-how to overcome any data centre challenge, delivering the facilities you need.

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EDGNEX Data Centres by DAMAC is on a mission to bring new speed and agility to the data centre market so that more local and regional economies, enterprises and end users can benefit from digital infrastructure.

Hussain Sajwani, Chairman and CEO, EDGNEX Data Centres by DAMAC

Moving at the speed of data

Having a small but agile team and being privately owned and funded means we can respond quickly to your business requirements.


A trusted


We have been data centre customers as well as data centre developers, so we know what keeps you awake at night… and how to solve it.

EDGNEX Data Centres by DAMAC is proudly owned and backed by


Giving you environmental benefits through efficiently operated data centres, where sustainability is at the heart of what we do

LEED certification

Benefit from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards.

Leading PUE

We can offer you the best power utilisation effectiveness in your region.

Water conservation

Save water with rainwater harvesting and adiabatic pre-coolers.

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